November 5th, 2004


I finally had a cyberpunk dream..

I was running around an old school when I ran into Druschel. Only, he looked different... like his face was the same, but his body was very very different. He gave me a big hug, and while we were chatting about stuff, he suddenly took his head off and put it in a cart next to him. While we continued chatting, some nanobots came by and cleaned his body, after which he replaced his head. It was then I saw the electrical strips allowing his head to control his body. I asked him when that happened:

me: So, I gotta ask, when'd this happen?
Druschel: that's what I love about you gwen, you just ask it direct.

He then went to a viewer, and had me hook into it. I then watched... no, I *experienced* a recording of him running from some army of something (I couldn't quite see what, but they were mechanical), and then diving under a door. Only, he didn't quite make it and the door sliced him in half at the shoulder.... actually, I got to the point where the door got to his shoulder and jumped out of the viewer. I couldn't take the actual experience of being sliced in half.

Druschel: Yah, it was rough. Thank god someone was there to save my head.

I then got on the elevator to go downstairs and leave the building, only just as I got to the door outside, I got a message on my wiretap: "gwen, someone's going in to assassinate Druschel. Figure out who it is and stop them." I looked around at the many suspects coming in, and then flipped on my BadGuyVision (ok, I dunno what it was called, but that's clearly what it was). One of the lanky guys with a long ponytail stood out, and as I watched I saw the tell-tale inverting of the eyes, indicating a remote control of the body. Oh yah, that's the one.

I couldn't deal with it outside though, his army was clearly all about. So I ran back to the elevator to go up to protect Druschel. I realized that this would take too slow, so I hit the stairs and ran up the three flights. I got to Druschel, and he asked why I was back so soon. "I'm actually a secret operative, and I'm here to save your ass..." and then I heard the thumping on the stairs behind me.....

That's when I woke up.

I told y'all.... Jerry Bruckheimer totally directs my dreams.

Please don't jump down my throat...

I want more information about this. In other words, can someone find more data about exit polling vs actual voting in which states have what kind of machinery? I'd like to see all of the states' data. Plus, I'd like to see past data along these lines.

Because that image, as it is, is very very frightening. If it holds up to more investigation, there's something terribly wrong -- there should *not* be any correlation between exit polls being wildly off and what kind of machinery is used. On the other hand, I'm willing to also accept that someone is just posting the data they want us to see, leaving out the wildly off for paper ballots and the closely aligned for electronic.

Your duty, should you choose to accept it, is to give me more info.... :)


I found more information in this Slate article, thanks to inmostlight. The article itself unfortunately doesn't give its own graphs of exit polls vs actual voting per state, it just gives a list of states it says weren't so off. But I did compare this map to the map I posted earlier -- the new map authoritatively gives which states (and if you go further, which counties) use which sort of voting machines. And, with the exception of Florida and New Hampshire, all of the states which are listed as "Electronic Voting" are in fact mixed voting machines. In the case of Florida, it is all electronic voting... but in the case of New Hampshire, it's all paper ballot.

So that solves that mystery.