November 3rd, 2004


A close day in the US.

I'm posting my experiences in the past 24 hours for my own reference in the future, primarily, and possibly to let some of the outside of the US people into the country virtually for a moment.
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Why I protest.

Today I was feeling really down about everything, getting to the point of depression. But I went out to the protest anyway. The activity, the energy, and the people around me cheer me up, because I *feel* like I'm doing something. I don't want to get into the argument of whether it does do something, the point is that I feel like it.

That is why I protest.

Well, we can expect four more years of this..

Pictures from the day-after-election protest

Or, if you just want highlights, the IMC photo article I posted.

Please note that I was really limited in the IMC article posting (could only post 20), and I wanted to put up the photos that most represented the march, not the best of collection. I bled when shaving off photos during the selection process, please look at the big batch if you can because the best are really there.