October 23rd, 2004


It's come.

Red Sox fan killed in postgame celebration

A college student celebrating the Boston Red Sox's come-from-behind victory over the New York Yankees was killed after a police officer called in to control a rowdy crowd shot her in the eye with what was designed to be a non-lethal projectile.

I've been saying for a while now that this would come, and when it did come the victim would be blamed. But I thought it'd be during a protest, not during a celebration.

People have always taken to the streets when their city's team is victorious -- I remember when the Pirates won here in Pittsburgh and everyone went out into the streets to dance around and make noise (cept me, who had chicken pox, but I got to listen to it!) It's a happy thing, supportive, helps people feel a part of their community.

The article details a few fires set, a couple of rowdy folks, but not near the girl who was killed. The implication was that she was just part of a celebrating bunch who were dancing in the streets after their team's victory, and the chief's response is this:

"While I firmly and emphatically accept responsibilities for any errors," O'Toole said at a news conference Thursday, "I also condemn in the harshest words possible the actions of the punks (Wednesday) night who turned our city's victory into an opportunity for violence and mindless destruction."

So, it's the victim's fault for trying to celebrate in the ages-old fashion of celebrating a victorious team. And sadly ironically, the girl's name is Victoria. She was 21 years old.

This is a very sad thing, and I'm sorry.
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