October 22nd, 2004


You know, this is getting ridiculous..

Students have parties switched by bogus petitions

Registration changed to Republican without consent

Scores of college students in Pennsylvania and Oregon have had their voting registrations switched by teams of canvassers circulating bogus petitions and, in some cases, partially concealed voter registration forms students were requested to sign.

.... So, why do this, because it doesn't effect who they're voting for, right? Well, now the Republicans can give inflated numbers of who is Republican in the state, and thus who is likely to win, and thus who you should vote for if you want to vote for the winner....

But, it's just stupid. Like, this is how bad it got:

In Allegheny County, elections director Mark Wolosik referred another case, involving a Squirrel Hill college student, to county detectives. Ruairi McDonnell said his registration was switched from Independent to Republican by someone who circulated a petition to lower auto insurance rates for young drivers on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh last month.

McDonnell said the man instructed him to fill out portions of a voter registration form, although McDonnell told the man he already had registered to vote.

"He then told me I would have to register as a Republican because 'that's how we get our funding.' I said I would not. He kept the form which contained only my name and address and certainly did not indicate I was a Republican," McDonnell said in a letter to the Allegheny County Department of Elections.

Several days later, McDonnell received notice from the elections department that he had changed his registration from Independent to Republican.

Grrrr. Glad they didn't find me -- but then I'm already Republican. Guess I'm fixing that right after this election (I don't want to chance fubaring my registration before the voting day).

Dammit, electronics hate me today.

First I get into my car, try to start it, and the whole electric system failed. Much later AAA showed up (much later because I just went to class and called after I got back), and found that it was corrosion around the battery causing problems in the connections. It was still acting funny at the shop, though, so they're going to look at it on Monday (feels like some connections are still loose).

Then, I get back inside and was going to move the DSL modem to a phone line that can't get a filter on it (the other side is unreachable atm), so that I could put a phone on the phone line I can get a filter on in my room. I decided that while I was doing that, I'd shut down the computer and restart after everything was back together (since I knew I'd be jostling things around).

Well.... trying to turn the computer back on proved impossible, since, well, it died. Big bad won't even show BIOS death. ARGH!

So I went to the storage area where I have all kinds of backup parts, and got a backup system out... came back and proceeded to carefully run through the list of things that could be wrong, starting with the RAM. Well, it is the RAM... sortof. Given that all cards work in the first slot, sorta work in the second.... and not at all in the third. Yah, the seats are dead.

So, I just have everything up for a moment until I figure out if this backup motherboard is 450+ or less (if less, go find the 450 or 667 mobos I have lying around in the storage area), then move all of the internals over.

Dammit, the big problem is, I don't have time for this.
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