October 20th, 2004


Saw Social D tonight.

Was a good show, actually. Though I didn't expect so many kids -- I thought no one younger than me even knew who they were. But, it was nice to see Pittsburgh's punk scene out in force, especially since we all had to drive 40 minutes out of town to get to the venue (the show was held, of all places, at the Penguin's summer practice rink).

Anyway, I just shared this on IRC, and don't feel like retyping, so you get a paste:

<gwen> Oh! Really funny thing happened.
<gwen> Most of the time I just hung out in the uncrowded back area with boo
+and mikey
<gwen> but at some point I was like, "I wanna actually see what these guys
+look like" since from our distance they looked like stick figures.
<gwen> So I strode forward. Now, with those boots on, I'm 6' tall, and I have
+long ago learned that if I need to get through a mosh pit, I gotta do so with
<gwen> But I didn't expect that these two factors would mean that the crowd
+*parted* as I approached.
<gwen> (I also rode the rim of the mosh pit, not actually going in)
<gwen> so that was pretty wild.
<gwen> of course, once I got up there, I realized that the band just looks
+old. Like, the kind of old you get before your time when you do too much bad
+shit to your body.
<gwen> So I pretty much just turned around and strode back :)
<gwen> They looked better as stick figures.