September 21st, 2004


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For the Torontonian (and related area) readers (or even Toronto-phile readers), my local paper is doing a series on the metropolising of the Toronto area. Yesterday's paper featured (even on the front page) the 6 year process of amalgamating the Toronto area, and today's paper features Hamilton.

The reason for this series is because Pittsburgh and areas around us are considering amalgamating various towns to reduce overall budget costs. I guess they're looking to the successes and failures of other cities to consider if this is a good idea for us. Not a bad series, actually, and a worthy consideration.

The reason I found the articles myself is while looking through the pile of papers that keep arriving on the front porch for an article about one of our local IMCsters and his brush with the Secret Service.


A London-to-Washington flight was diverted to Maine on Tuesday when it was discovered passenger Yusuf Islam . formerly known as singer Cat Stevens . was on a government watch list and barred from entering the country, federal officials said.

I thought it was just conspiracy theorists saying that this *could potentially* happen... not that a peace activist and MAJOR MUSIC ARTIST could be diverted right back out of his native country for being on some stupid watch list.

No, really folks, wake up. This isn't a free country anymore, this is fucking facism.

(Yes, this really pisses me off, Cat Stevens was my first favorite singer -- I used to mess up my dad's stereo when I was 2 because I knew that turning knobs around magically made Cat Stevens sing.)