September 17th, 2004


Gawddamn rain.

I really really liked the rain, until my basement started to flood. Now I have tons and tons of my mom's stuff (while she's still in California) to move upstairs.

Why in the hell is my basement flooding anyway? I'm on a hill! Stupid hurricanes. Stupid packrat mom.
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driving to Oakland...

Looked like this at 5pm today:

This isn't the flooding that evacuated Etna, covered Bridgeville in waist-high waters, or caused landslides on several of the main roads in the area, though. No, I got drivable waters (provided I drove slow enough to not hydroplane my too-light vehicle). I unfortunately missed all the places where water was flying off structures that normally aren't wet, too. For Ben and Kathy's note as well, Streets Run Road was completely closed as the creek apparently overran its bank and flooded the whole street out.

Pittsburgh just got its worst rain in recorded history. Damn, doo. That was intense.

(For the record, I had a project meeting to get to, or I'd prolly have been flood following for pictures... :)