August 30th, 2004


You know you're in CS when...

So, one of my CS classes is in an odd building for it, the Frick Fine Arts building. Being not accustomed to the building, I walked in the front door and noted that room 104 was the corner room on the first floor. Seeing as I was going to room 204, I figured that I just needed to go to the same room one floor up. So, I go there... there's no room number I can see, but room 203 is next door, so I figured I was safe.

So I sit down and look about the class room to see who's there........ and realize that it's mostly female.... in fact, mostly female bleached blonde chicks with diet cokes in front of them. So, I try to stifle my immediate reaction of, "OK, this can't be the right class" based on stereotypes, but ..... so the girl in front of me then tells the guy behind her, "Yah, this is going to be my easy class for the semester." I packed up my things and left .... and found the right room two doors down. :)