July 2nd, 2004


weird nightmare.

I dreamt that aliens that looked like gremlins were trying to take over the world, and attacking people one on one. See, they were strong, fast, and small, so they could hide easily in the dark and take a person down as soon as their back was turned. But that also meant they had to kill the cats first, since cats would find them. So, my nightmare pretty much ran like a cross between Alien, Gremlins, and Signs. Very tense, don't wanna do that again.

I blame my mom's cat, btw. She's decided that attacking me while I'm asleep is fair game, and I suspect that was the seed for the dream.

In daytime news...

G-ma's being scheduled to have her toe amputated. Because I still have no car, I get to rent one for the weekend so I can get up to the hospital she's at. Sigh.

Oh, guess I should explain why her toe's being removed -- she's had a nasty infection (which doesn't play nice with diabetes), and they were bringing it down but did a bone scan and discovered that the infection's in the bone itself. No choice but to remove it now. *smirk*

woot, Mac OS X

I know, I know. I'm non-existant for days, then 3 posts in a day. Sorry about that.... OK, not really.

Anyway, I finally got OS X installed on my mom's machine. This makes it finally a useful machine to me. :) :) :)

Plus, I happily found that it keeps all the old documents as well. YAY! Though, since the old OS was OS9.01 or whatnot, it won't run stuff in classic mode. Oh well, them's the breaks, but not a big loss.

In other news, grandma's toe has been removed, and she is doing well.