May 25th, 2004


Well, isn't this interesting...

Federal Complaint Seeks Termination of Government Funding for Nine Biotechnology Research Institutions

You know, for all of the local activists' protestings (sorry Dan) about CMU's DoD money, the above article seems to be hinting at something far more serious. As in, it's hinting that Pitt and Duquesne might both be participating in secret biochemical weapons research -- something's that is explicitly against some pretty major treaties and conventions out there. Now, it is only hinted at; what they're really saying is that neither institution is reporting what it's up to, so it *could* be the case. But this is certainly something that really should be looked further into.
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Uhm, I still have PRT's stuff in my car and have no way of contacting her. Can someone who is in touch with her get her in contact with me so that I can get her stuff to her? If not, I'll be dropping it off at The Colony in the next few days.