May 21st, 2004


OK, I'm starting to agree with PoG.

One paragraph explains my fear in this article from the PG on a CMU Robotics Institute creation:

If Dragon Runner performs well, the Pentagon conceivably would be interested in buying hundreds of the robots. Hagen Schempf, a senior systems scientist at the Robotics Institute who was principal investigator for Dragon Runner, said he thinks applications in civilian law enforcement and firefighting might eventually outnumber those in the military.

Welcome to the time of Robocop.

This has all kinds of horrific implications for rights of privacy vs law enforcement.

In other news, the worst thunderstorm I think I've seen in my life woke me up after two hours of sleep. So bad, the storm is, I woke up thinking there was a fire in my room by the pattern of flickering lights -- once awake I discovered the scary prospect that the lighting wasn't fire, but near-continuous lightning that was coming down all around my hilltop house. Scary.
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