May 13th, 2004


oh yah, how my classes look:

I have four classes over the summer. Broken down,

CS 1590, the CS writing course. It's about Ethics in Computers and Technology. We're writing four papers, the first is on how Men and Women view Ethics, the second is on the USA Patriot Act, the third is comparing the EFF to the NRA. Oh yah, I'm gonna love this class. My prof works for WDUQ as well, too. :)

CS1541, the Computer Architecture course. Carvalho has really gotten better about teaching, and it looks like it'll be an interesting class. I'm already working on the first homework (assembly routines) gleefully.

CS1520, Web Applications. First of all, Ramirez is still the shiznit professor of all time. Second of all, we went through an overview of the material for the class and it's about making web applications with Java, PHP, and Perl. Uhm. I think I just acezored this course.

MATH1180, Linear Algebra. The class looks like it's gonna be pretty good, and well taught. But I have to say that my professor is totally creepy, it's so awesome. Like, he'll be talking in this thin voice tainted with a Brooklyn accent, and then he'll "look" out over the class. I use "look" loosely here because what he actually does is close his eyes at the classroom until he finds some point to emphasize, then his eyes fly WIDE open to a bug-eyed point. Every time I want to go "AAA!"

So yah, that's the lineup. I'm going to be pretty well immersed in homework again, but it doesn't look like it'll be quite the hell it was last semester.
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