May 10th, 2004


Ok, I finally comment on the prisoner atrocities.

GWB today said (paraphrased due to memory), "The advantage of a democratic society over a dictatorship is that the democracy will report a terrible event and deal with it in open. In February, when we first found out about this, we dealt with this ... "

This has been my biggest wondering about all this. Why didn't this story break 3 months ago when it happened? For precisely the reason GWB himself said, we're a democracy, and this is the sort of thing we do need to be dealing with in the open.

I suspect it's because despite GWB's words of "openness", this story escaped administration containment and secrecy. So, folks, how much more are they keeping secret? These really are questions an open society, like we're supposed to have, should be asking.

Anyway, enough politics, back to homework hell.... time for class to start again (for real this time!)

A shout out to my friends.

Sometimes I wonder if I don't let my friends know how much I appreciate them. So I'm stating this now. I have some really amazing friends. To list everyone would be too numerous, so I'm going to do that... but I do want to let everyone know how much I really do appreciate them.

Thank you.

Yah, I know this is out of character for me. I'll go back to my usual ranting about politics or posting stupid frilly crap now.