May 3rd, 2004


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Ok, two geeks stuck in a hotel suite in NJ, lots of computer equipment about, but no way to get on the net.... yah, we sat there for half an hour trying to figure out what to do. That was really funny.

Anyway, back from Philly. Now time for classes again. Woot!

Ok, oops.

The main Pitt Calendar says classes start May 3rd, and I've been operating from that. So, I get to the classroom today, and no one's there. I find a computer nearby I can get onto (don't ask), and look up my class schedule... date on there is May 10th. As I'm walking back past my classroom one of my class buddies from last semester is there doing the same thing I did (along with a couple other students). At least I'm not alone in showing up a week early.

Well, ran into icouldhavelied at the bus stop, and she informs me that the May 3rd start date is for the six week classes. Full term classes start later. Oh, that explains all.... too bad I didn't know this before scheduling the maniacal travelling around this expected start date!

But as I'm going back to mom's, I realized this is a big blessing. I have time to relax, I have time to get my personal stuff done. I have time to clean my house. This is all good stuff.

So I took the bus into Squirrel Hill and walked back from there, stopping to symbollically smelling the flowers on the way. :)
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