March 26th, 2004



So, grandma has fallen twice this week, both times being put in the hospital. Deal is, first time she fell, they had her in for a few days, let her out when she was starting to be able to walk, then plopped her into a room meant for people who are fully capable of walking. So she fell the first time she had to go to the bathroom. This time she was released into a higher level nursing home, allegedly temporarily.

However, two problems. Mom says grandma's not been able to talk very well since her second fall, so the new place is running tests today to see if she's had another stroke. Also, the old place just called to say that grandma needs to be moved up into the "can't manage yourself at all" ward. I'd already said that should happen, since grandma's been falling about once a month as it stands, but mom and Aunt Bobby have been reluctant to do that since the next step up means absolutely no autonomy for grandma.

And grandma hates it, because that ward is the last step before death. Grandpa went to that section only a week before he died, but then he had cancer and was at that point unable to fathom his surroundings. Worse for grandma is that she'll likely be there longer, knowing how weak she's become the whole while. And I think we're all a bit reluctant to face that from her.