March 20th, 2004


yay, have a camera working.

My analog camera is back up and running, woot!

Anyone who wants to watch us activists do our thing today, there'll be live updates coming from

(This is why I've been fighting to get nvnsvch running this week, it's helping host the images/videos/other media.)

Oh, and I'm trying to stay out of the arrest zone. My duties aren't concerned with the CMU direct action. I'll be covering the march/rallies with everyone, then breaking off to cover the hand in hand and Palestinian wall breakdown. The feature photo vigil picture on the main page is the last picture my digicam ever produced though! Fitting end, I suppose.
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Briefly, have more taping to do of benign stuff. No arrests, all went well! TMC reported an attendance of 2700 and 1500 people, though my guess is it was closer to 1000. Still, a good turnout, I expected 500! I got some good shots, after taping a CD release party tonight, I take the camera over to the editting studios (i.e., david, dan, quinten and mtoups), and then head to the labs to scan in my prints, THEN go home and sleep.

Tomorrow at 12:30 in Doherty Hall on CMU campus, we'll be screening some Noam Chomsky, then at 3pm we'll be previewing the footage from this weekend. and then I'll be free!

Pegritz mentioned punk karaoke, anyone else up for it?