March 14th, 2004


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dutin inspired me to make a new user icon.

Mostly because I actually hate seeing a zillion mes staring back at me whenever I visit my own page. It's like sitting in a funhouse or something, just far too creepy. But I do like the pic representing me, so I think this one fits well.

oh yah, I guess y'all might like an update or something.

This past week was spring break. I took full advantage by spending a lot of time with friends playing board games or just hanging out, or watching movies, or cleaning my house, or recovering from the flu, or doing a lot of stuff that has nothing to do with school. Well, until yesterday. Now I'm back to doing too much homework. :)

In other news, I'm getting a nice tax return, and I took pictures and ran the video camera for IMC at the M20 press conference. That's the first I've been behind a video camera since 40sw and landric's wedding, and this time I had my tripod. Much fun. :)

Oh, and also, I'm hoping very much for the best for certain friends returning to town after a likely awkward weekend. (This is the closest to gossip anyone will see in my lj... but I wanted to leave a public message for them.)

Yah, ok, that's about it. I'm pretty boring I guess. Hell, I'm still giggling over Laibach Kittens. hee!
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