February 23rd, 2004


Friends list...

So, I've noticed a few people have added me in lately, and while I can gather which group you're in, I have no idea who you are. Generally I just let these sorts of things be until it becomes obvious through a comment or the like who someone is, but there are too many of you now, and a few have defriended after a while of my not adding people back! So!!!

Drop a line, let me know who you are. :)

Cept Luny, I'm waiting on the results of the review (no, not trying to bribe, just don't want to compel you into sticking with something you have no interest in sticking with:)

Oh, and as for the vidfest... it went fairly well, though underattended. But! We did turn a nice profit, and a lot of really good videos were shown. And the DVD is just incredible. I'll announce when we get that set up for online ordering.


If you're still reading LJ at all, :)

I want to come over and play sometime! Well, yes, Catan, but I also have some stuff to ask you. Plus there's the whole visiting Bling thing to do. :)