February 9th, 2004


You know...

GWB's "Mission to Mars" should really have Laibach's "Final Countdown" as it's background music. :)
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Ok, it's been a while....

So, last post, Jeff posted a link to the GWB interview yday. I'd heard exerpts in the car from NPR, but reading the transcript is ... something. But I think we just found his defining argument here:

And see, the danger of allowing for information that I get briefed on out in the public arena is that it could mean that the product I receive or future presidents receive is somewhat guarded for fear of for fear of it being revealed, and for fear of people saying, Well, you know, we’re going to second guess that which you told the President.

You bloody MORON, that's the POINT of a democracy!

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From GWB:

You remember U.N. Security Council Resolution 1441 clearly stated show us your arms and destroy them, or your programs and destroy them. And we said, there are serious consequences if you don't.

This is very important, because resolution 1441 concentrated on reopening the inspections, and proclaimed the following,

10. Requests all Member States to give full support to UNMOVIC and theIAEA in the discharge of their mandates, including by providing any informationrelated to prohibited programmes or other aspects of their mandates, including onIraqi attempts since 1998 to acquire prohibited items, and by recommending sites tobe inspected, persons to be interviewed, conditions of such interviews, and data tobe collected, the results of which shall be reported to the Council by UNMOVIC andthe IAEA

Which means we thoroughly ignored the very same resolution we're touting here. Evidence? GWB's own speech given yesterday.

Again, from GWB:

And, of course, he defied the world once again.

Isn't that what we're doing, Mr. "We don't need the rest of the world"?

See, free societies are societies that don't develop weapons of mass terror and don't blackmail the world.

So what does that say about our country?
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More ranting.

Article on google hacking.

My response was, literally,


Seriously folks, anything you put on the web is like posting it to a telephone booth. If you don't want the public to know, don't put it there. Period.