January 30th, 2004


I'm in hell.

Last sunday, I was trying to get ahead on coding, so looked in both of my programming classes' websites for the new assignments. They weren't up. Oh well, I said, and did other stuff.

Well, Monday the 449 assignment was posted... it's due this coming Monday! Well, at least I expected that one, and sectioned out my time for the week, expecting to spend all of this coming weekend on that coding.

Well, last night I found that the 1550 assignment has also been posted .... due next Friday. And this is after finding out that we have an extra rehearsel for choir on Sunday afternoon.

Oh, btw, I do have other homework to do, of course. Like, prolly another 5-6 hours of Logic work (which is why I couldn't get the 449 assignment started earlier this week), and ~100 pages of reading for Myth (which has a quiz this week). I figure the total tally for all of the homework combined is on the order of 50 hours in one week.

Ok, I don't know when I'm going to get all that done. Except that I know I'll have to not go anywhere after Saturday night (which I'm already roped into far too deeply to get out of now).

I think I'm going to send a note to my professors about posting coding projects only a week in advance of their due date. This is ridiculous.
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