gwen (gwenix) wrote,

And, the news.

For those who thought the war was over, it's not. Though, I'll bet this starts being called terrorism, just like everything else.

Oh, speaking of which, if you haven't heard... I'm a terrorist. Yes, I knew from the getgo records would be kept on me doing the protests... but that doesn't make it right. In fact, the sentiment of just accepting it makes me even more disgusted. And btw, the most amusing part of this article is that it's this sort of record keeping that has the black bloc wearing bandannas. Well, that and the pepper spray. Man, pepper spray sucks.

Speaking of protests, the article of yesterday's hearing. I didn't join the march myself because, well, it was at 11am and I was asleep. But as seen in my earlier post, I did speak later.

Oh, back to Iraq... one of the more amusing things I've read in recent times comes from our local paper:

But Iraq's potential has been blunted by Saddam's rapacious regime and its Baath Party. Iraqis have never had rulers who didn't exploit them, nor, in 3,000 years of history, have they known an invader who tried to help them, which is why many Iraqis remain wary of the Americans, Slaten said.

We're, uhm, helpful invaders now. Rule.

Oh, and hey! We're also mightier than Mother Earth! I'll bet extinct species will find our invasions very helpful indeed.

Whoa. Taxing email will stop spam? Somehow, I do not think this is a ploy to stop spam.... nor do I think it will work, but I do think it will cost businesses involved with email thousands of dollars in dealing with the software required to suddenly track spam; not to mention putting many free email services out of business. Now, as much as I hate spam, and as much as I find that it is a tax on systems and resources... I do not think that punishing the rest of the net is warranted for any measure to combat spam. Why not just fine people caught spamming if absolutely necessary to exact any laws for spam? Geezus.

On NPR yesterday as well, I heard something about the Bush Administration wanting to start work on developing new Nuclear Weapons. I can't find this on (surprise surprise) CNN, and I'm about to take off for home so no URL for you... but let me explain something about the Weapons of Mass Destruction. See, there was a point where everyone realized that if any Nuclear Weapons were released, we'd all die. So they made this treaty imploring the Nuclear Powers of the world to destroy their weapons. They couldn't make it work as destroying all current, but they did say, "Treaty of Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons" at least. It is under the auspices of this act that we invaded Iraq, because the Treaty says, "OK, if we can't destroy those in existance, no one gets to make any new ones." Well, now the VERY SAME PEOPLE WHO INVADED ON THE BASIS OF THAT TREATY are now trying to make new Nuclear Weapons. I don't care how damn small or low-yield, or non-abrasive, or how much it makes your skin soft, or whatever else it does... it's a NUKE. It kills people, it leaves behind a (as far as humans are concerned) permanent mess, it spreads radiation for more destruction. And as soon as one of the damn things goes off (however small and cute it may be), we have a lot of them going off. So I say, "WHAT? THE? FUCK???"

The good news is that we're finally working with the rest of the world looking over the plants in Iraq, and in dealing with Iraq in general. This is good news for me, as it fades some of that bulls-eye on my home; but there is some mixed bag, because a quick acquiescence might let the current administration feel they can get away with doing this again. If I weren't so worried about my life and those of my friends, I might want to yell at the rest of the world to get a bloody backbone already.

But the best line of the day comes from the aforementioned BBC article:

The US's own teams in Iraq have found no proof of a chemical, biological or nuclear arsenal.

My rant is done, I must pee.

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