November 24th, 2003



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<idle^aNn> yay
> er?
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<^aNN> er nick ^aNn
<^aNN> did you get brian's call yet?
<^aNn> it was all in her uterus
<^aNn> she might be able to go home tomorrow, they'll call back later today
+with updates on how she's doing

You know you're from Pittsburgh when....

So, yesterday was sunny and 75F (~22C for you metric types). So to leave the house this morning, I put on a turtleneck under a t-shirt, two coats (hoodie under a warm jacket), and stuffed my hat and gloves into my backpack. At that point it was raining, but still not cold (~50F/10C), so my choices of apparel may shock the non-Pittsburgh people.

Now I'm regretting forgetting my scarf, for it's snowing. :)
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Also, from IMC folks...

I just got this from IMC people, a couple of sets of pictures from the FTAA protests this past weekend. Some of them are pretty scary to look at, with lots of kids bloodied from rubber bullets. Anyway, they're here and here. The second is also a news site, and unfortunately slow.

And yes, I was listening to Resistance Radio from IMC all weekend giving info from inside the lines. Heh. Hey, at least I didn't go down there!