November 15th, 2003


(no subject)

Ok, so, I'm listening to NPR today, and hear a bunch of previews of upcoming stories in All Things Considered about "a new gothic take on Peter and the Wolf". Ok, fine, that's gotta suck I keep thinking, but hey, I'll see what in the hell they're doing. Well, they finally get to the broadcast.... and it's GAVIN FRIDAY. Like, GAVIN FRIDAY. BWA??? I go. Then I hear the samples from it, and it's TOTALLY RULING. Like, they remove the traditional orchestra, and put in wonderful stuff like banjoes and mandolins, and mandolins played backwards, and paperback books as birds! WHOA! I then said, HOLY COW! I MUST HAVE!!!!!!

So, I just found it on Amazon for $12. I totally recommend finding that and buying it before the price goes up again (btw, Bono of U2 does the illustrations of the book). Look under the book section, not the CD section, btw.

Oh, and, here's the link for the NPR show that includes samples.