November 14th, 2003


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Yah, so, studying for a psych exam all weekend. No Ceremony for me. I'm still planning on seeing this Pechin's thing on Sunday though.
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Oh yah, one last thing. Finally donated the old Explorer to Goodwill today. It was very sad, because that's the car I got my first driver's license on. It's also served me well through many a road trip, a move, and etc. And so, I sadly give post a picture of it as a farewell:

But also in with the new, just so y'all can see the cute car I picked up as a replacement:

After driving a V6 for so long, this car drives me nuts sometimes, so I call it The Hamster.... since usually I'm yelling "RUN HAMSTER RUN!" when going uphill. :)

The larger pictures of these and the backends of the vehicles can be found here.
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