October 9th, 2003


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Oh yah, my one political commentary for the day, and it goes against all you guys talking about how stupid Cali is.

So, I'm actually grateful they got Ahnahld. Why? He can't become president. Wait, why is this something to be grateful for? Because every governor of Cali has his eye on the president position (I would say "her" as well, but I can't think of any in Cali). It's the biggest state. It has a lot of votes for any pres election. It's a good step in the door.

But not for Ahnahld. Yes, I've heard that republicans are already trying to amend that little piece of the Constitution, but there will be no 2/3's majority for the Terminator.

Ok, so why is anyone in Cali a bad choice for president? Because California is fucked, politically. No, seriously. There is no sense of cohesion out there. The northern ultra-liberals constantly fight the southern ultra-conservatives, and instead of finding a happy middle, they just end up with more and more extremist laws coming into effect. Sure! Medical marjuana passed, but so did the anti-gay marriage proposition! This isn't a way to run a country. This isn't even a way to run a state.

So what can the Kindergarten cop do for them? Nothing. Which is as much as any guy at the head of Cali can do. So I say, so what? They have another dumb actor as their head of state, and for once, he can't then leap to the presidency.
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Heh, I get something like the following a lot:

ESTP - "Promotor". Action! When present, things begin to happen. Fiercely competitive. Entrepreneur. Often uses shock effect to get attention. Negotiator par excellence. 13% of the total population.
Take Free Myers-Briggs Personality Test

Please note that the only one that wasn't close to 50% (or in the case of Introverted/Extroverted exactly 50%) was Thinking vs Perceiving, which was solidly Thinking. So every B-M test I take will dither between all of the options excepting T. Not sure what that means.

Ok, I'll stop posting now and go to bed. :)
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Ok, I lied.

I must wish very very much luck to the expecting starherd. I'm assuming she's delivering now since she hasn't posted all day, and mentioned contractions yesterday.

For those who don't know the significance of this woman, she's one of my brother's best friends, and neighbors....and a former coworker of mine (from pair even!)

I figured this was important enough to continue spamming your friends' pages, so nyah.

On a less important note, I just realized that I was at a party that an Anti-Flag song is about. No, really, "Spaz's House Destruction Party". I saw it. It was. Lesson learned... never have a party saying, "I hate my landlord for kicking me out, so let's have a house destruction party!" and then invite all the local punks. Ooooo, wow. You'll get more than you bargained for.
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This amused me a *lot*

My psych professor started talking about controversy in the language acquisition sector, particularly between "Skinner and Chomsky". I started grinning, a lot. Knowing that Noam is an MIT linguist, I raised my hand, "Is that Noam Chomsky?" She got all apologetic, "Yes, it is, but I don't know anything about his politics."

I heard much confusion from the rest of the class about who in the hell this is. It made me grin a lot.
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er, oops:


The phone number of Caney Creek High School is: 936.231.3330.

Summary? A girl is having a severe asthma attack, and is taken to the nurse's office. She forgot her inhaler, and her boyfriend comes to the rescue with his knowing they share the same prescription. Now under the Zero Tolerance policy of the school and the state's anti-drug laws, he's facing arrest and expulsion.

According to her mother, he possibly saved her life.