September 13th, 2003


Yet another weird thing to happen this week...

My coworker and I were standing outside chatting as I came in, and suddenly from the clouds we saw a green flash. It flashed like lightning would, especially heat lightning, where it repeats a few times? But there was a pinpoint of white in the center, and no forked lines like lightning makes. And it was most definitely green. We stared at it a bit, waiting for the thunder....

There was none.

Why do I feel like I'm in a Twilight Zone episode this week?

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Er, ok, yes, I'm on solo shift.

Doing a google on "gwenix", I discovered all my comments in all yer blogs out there, but my own "" was dead last in the list. I find that pretty funny.

Though, I did find some terrible pictures of me from h2k2.

Oh, more random joy from the web: The Whitehouse's Robots.txt file. A lot of really interesting things are left off the searches, unsurprisingly enough. Especially the linkages made on that robots.txt file between 911 and Iraq.

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It's 48 hours before the due date on this assignment.

In the past two days (I've not had a chance to check before now), they changed everything on the site, doing things they said they would not do.

I am now going to die.