September 12th, 2003


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In class, can't talk long. I got home early from work yesterday morning, feeling very sick, only to find my cat having what looked to be a stroke. I spent all morning trying to locate a vet that would see him right then, and wasn't out in timbuktu... when I finally found one, imighthavelied was going to pick me up to get me and Maxx there... but she managed to get into a car accident on the way. So, going to take Maxx to a vet this afternoon with mom.

Missed work last night too... after being frantic all day long yday, I was even sicker last night than I was in the morning. Sigh.

Though, Maxx is looking better now. Though.. he's lost a lot of weight in the past month. He's prolly 8 lbs now... when normally he's 13+.

Not my week. :(

update on maxx

Well, the vet looked at him, said he's looking perky and fine right now, so he's better after the last round. Though, his fleas are back (which I knew)... so I got prescription flea stuff guaranteed to work.

What the vet thinks happened is that the fleas have sucked so much blood from poor Maxx that he's gone anemic. He's lost a serious amount of weight, right now he's 8.25 lbs (normally he's 13-15 lbs), so that shows that the FeLV is back and active. It seems that the anemia caused the FeLV to come out of remission, and what I witnessed was a seizure.

I'm to keep my eye on him, make sure he's eating (which he has been since the seizure), and if he stop being happy and perky, or if he loses more weight, or if the seizures start becoming common, I'm to take him back and we'll decide if he's to be put to sleep. One or all of the above is very likely to happen in the next two months.

So, the news is only somewhat good for now.