September 4th, 2003



Browsing through a blog from an iraqi that heron61 posted, I found the following:

But the truth is, the raids only accomplish one thing: they act as a constant reminder that we are under occupation, we are not independent, we are not free, we are not liberated. We are no longer safe in our own homes- everything now belongs to someone else.

You know, one of the reasons this country was founded was because they were sick of housing British troops. Ok, a minor reason of many major ones, but good enough that it was a point put in the Constitution. Now we're doing worse abroad.

I also recommend reading the blog. It has a lot of very interesting things to say on the state of Iraqi affairs these days, including politics, women's rights, the fundamentalist return, the constant state of violence, and the effects of losing friends to much of the above.
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On non-news related politics..

I went to a Howard Dean meetup today. It was very cultish, though very interesting. I'm still not really sure he's a good contender for GWB, though. There's a few off things there that will be hard to get around; and unfortunately trying to get the answers from the Dean meetup cult for these questions of mine was not one of the informative points.
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And finishing with a short, amusing anecdote: I did mention I am a Republican during the public discussion.. so after the public part was done and we were all having discussions amongst ourselves, someone while talking to me made the mistake of mentioning my "conservative" bent. "Actually, I'm not conservative, I'm a liberal Republican." I got a very surprised look returned at me.

Yes, I do separate "liberal/conservative" from "democrat/republican", thank you. :)