August 21st, 2003


quick summary of my life.

Ok, I've been quiet for once. Yup. How can this be?

well, in very short:


Ok, that being said.... pair's been hit by the Sobig.f virus. We haven't been infected, mind you, just bombed the hell out of by people who have been infected (sooo many of our customers and... Bob Graham?) .. and running support for all of our customers who are being bombed the hell out of. Damn spamming virus.

So, uh, this means I haven't read about your lives in two days, sorry. Nor have I updated much. In fact, I mostly hate people again.

OK, so that's just at work, I know. Well, I've been busy at home getting a drive backed up and replaced with a bigger drive (40G to 120G) so that I have room to fit things (read "mp3s and anime videos") again. And, uhm, getting other stuff ready. Because I realized something.

School starts next week.

Plus I've also been semi-depressed and prone to fits of isolation and sobbing because I also realized something.

It's the tenth anniversary of my dad's death next week.

So, yes, I'm sorta spazzing out and stuff. Anyway, that damn sitcom thing meme to lighten up this post:
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