August 14th, 2003


Well, huh.

Since when did the skinheads become so proliferate in Squirrel Hill? I remember them in High School being just like three guys no one took seriously, especially themselves, so were mostly laughable and/or ignorable.

So, tonight I picked up Craven for the Eat N Park coffee run, and as we passed by Frick Park we saw 3 skins with baseball bats and a lead pipe swinging them as though going to a fight. Craven and I both stopped in our conversation, then said, "Wow, ok, that's not good to see in a jewish neighborhood," so I told Craven to call the cops on them. Hopefully they at least sent around a patrol car.

Then while at EnP, saw another skin pass by the window, Craven mentioned that as being the one who painted the swastika on Hillel. Geezus. Guess they're not ignorable anymore.

Anyway, got into work tonight to find candy from ljmatch (who has since moved on to colocation hosting, which he needed). That's pretty awesome. :)
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