August 11th, 2003


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Well, the BBQ was much fun. Yay!

However, my car's engine light came on while driving home from helping someone with furniture movings. When I opened the hood to check the oil, the oil was fine, but it was really really really hot in there. :(
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The Aspects Crew, of old (c. 1996), were all at a gaming convention. But, we got there on a tour bus, not in our usual motley assembly of cars. Once we got there, there was a quest for us, then another. We were to take some important things to people. It was Mari and I in one group, the boys in another. We needed to stay in communication, but without anyone else knowing what was up, so we made a code amongst ourselves, and a way to identify who was writing which note by a system of colors.

Mari's and my quest involved being a part of the theatre (there was a theatre with ongoing plays and vaudeville acts in this convention) to get who we needed to find to notice us. So, then we got on stage to dance, It was a good show.

Then I woke up.
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