August 2nd, 2003


(no subject)

So, the Bright Eyes concert was good. Though, he's a bit more whiney on stage than in recordings, if that's possible. The full robustness of the live show, including two brass, was very nifty.

However, I was very much impressed with the opening act, Tilly and the Wall. Perhaps it's because I've come to not expect much from opening acts, but man, they were awesome. It was like watching Stereolab .... with tap dancing. No really! Their percussion section is a tap dancer! They also have a very good sense of counterpart vocals, and the sound is very reminiscent of Stereolab minus the noize and French lyrics. Very very good stuff. I picked up their CD ($5!).

Goth night was "90's night"... but I only lasted an hour. I realized by that point I'd been five hours in crowded smoke filled noisy rooms, and needed quiet. But I did get to dance to Filter and Faith No More before I left. :)

Gah, if there ever was a night I wished I didn't have to be at work, it's tonight. Only got three hours of sleep today, plus lots of time at concert, man I wanna be in bed. Plus, I smell like smoke.