July 31st, 2003


Bush's speech.

Yes, I watched it today. I'm not going to comment on the stuff you might think obvious from me, because mostly he just evaded the questions I wanted to hear. However, I would like to highlight two things that aren't very well highlighted in any followups I've seen:

First of all, the short highlight.... his opening sentence to the opening question was:

THE PRESIDENT: Okay. Tom, I'm getting a little older, so when you ask four or five questions, it's hard for me to remember every question.

K, 'nough said on that one.

Secondly, I'm going to point this out, because I think it's just become my favorite Bushism ever:
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Ok, so, basically she says, "What are you going to do about the outsourcing of our white collar jobs to India?" and he responds in essence, "Our people aren't being trained well enough, they need to go back to (community college) school."

Geezus Keeriste, what an insult to all of the out of work people with degrees out there right now. I mean, the reports are about jobs that REQUIRE at least a bachelor's education, generally more than that.

Ok, ok, I know it's because despite his "I fully understand what you're saying," he totally misunderstood the question... but that just makes it all the more Bushism!

I say we start outsourcing the presidency, then tell GWB to go back to school. :)

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So, looking through my original journal entries (from JournalDark), I found my first post, which was a 15 word piece of fiction. Joking about it being nanofiction, I looked up some information about nanofiction online, where I discovered that it has to be exactly 55 words long. So, I somehow managed to make it into exactly 55 words long first try:

As I sat at my desk, I felt a presence behind
my office chair. I spun on the loose spindle
to find an older version of me standing there.
My mouth fell open, she spoke, "Hello, I bring
you news of your future." In shock I could only
reply, "I'm still alive?"

Then I imploded.

I wish I could find nanofiction contests to submit this to for shits and giggles.
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Ok, GenCon story.

Someone pointed out a booth giving away frisbees, and one of the colors being given out was purple. So of course I went over. When I got there, no purple frisbee is left on the table, however, so I sadly asked the guy behind the desk if there were any purple frisbees left. He smiled, got one, then asked if I got the accompanying game. Before I knew it, my purple frisbee came with some video game I apparently couldn't object to. Ok, fine.

Well, reading Real Life Comics just now, I discover that this game, PlanetSide, is apparently fairly well known. Well, huh. Maybe I'll even play it now.