July 29th, 2003


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So, GWB was in town making some speech or something. I couldn't join the protestings since I was dealing with g-ma at the time, but on the bus on the way home, I saw a very heavy-duty army chopper leaving the downtown area. Yah, I knew who was in it. I glared at it in my own little personal protest until it was out of sight.



Just two headlines from Reuters:

U.S. Finds Way to Deport Palestinians with No State

Bloody U.S. Raid in Baghdad Leaves Iraqis Furious

And one from the Post:

In Iraqi City, a New Battle Plan

These are your antidotes for the barrage of news about how we're being so successful in capturing Saddam's main guys (ahem, snide, ahem). Please note that two of three of the above articles are giving both sides, particularly the Post that really discusses how the military is trying to step back and give back to the Iraqis who feel (rightfully) slighted. It's just that we're still far from through this, and much of the same crap we've seen since the "ending of the major hostilities".

Good lord.

There's a yuppie complex being sown a block from my mom's house. Yah, that's just what this neighborhood needs. Yes, kasra_c, it even has the retaining gate to keep them in.

It's on the site of the gardening center that was a part of my childhood. I caught a bus to school across from that place for a while. Sigh. And the candy store, er, pharmacy is now Wheel Deliver (a yuppie food delivery place), Michael's, the old neighborhood grocery store, is now a workout place. I'm just waiting for them to turn Linden Elementary School into an upscale mall now.

*grumble grumble*