July 19th, 2003


I just thought of a game.

LJ Assassination. It's the old "Asassination" or "Killer" game, but it's done over LJ. I collect a list of people who want to try this (email me, don't comment here, or risk being found sooner rather than later), and assign the people to "kill" each other in a circle.

Here's the thing. You don't know the LJ username of your victim, and you don't know who's trying to kill you. If you kill anyone who is not either of those, you are out of the game. Of course, you are given no information on who your killer might be, but I'll give out clues on the victims.

I haven't decided how those clues will be done yet... likely something to do with embedded posts and/or user info information. But, it'll be something requiring investigation.

How do you "kill" someone? Well, once you've identified your target, comment a "I've killed you" post to their LJ (it can be non-sequitor, of course). I will assign 1, 2, or 3 points to all kills... 1 point for the kill. 1 point for creativity in describing how you've killed them. And 1 point if you can figure out how to make an appropriate assassination for the post (as in, it's not actually a non-sequitor). Do make sure you email me when you've made the kill.

There is a bit of a trick too, you're not actually "dead" until I've verified the kill, so if you find a "you're dead" post, you have until I check my email to make your kill.

Anyone want to play?

Forgot to post the email address I'll be using for this: gwen _at_ slackers.net


Given me by deviant_1
Drudging Up Personal Details

Some folks in the White House were apparently hopping mad when ABC News correspondent Jeffrey Kofman did a story on Tuesday's "World News Tonight" about the plummeting morale of U.S. soldiers stationed in Iraq.

So angry, in fact, that the next day, a White House operative alerted cyber-gossip Matt Drudge to the fact that Kofman is not only openly gay, he's Canadian.

I just spewed Dr Pepper all over my keyboard.
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