July 12th, 2003


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The democrats have a petition for calling an investigation into the Bush Administration's lie about Uranium. Now, honestly, there's so much that could be pointed to, but this is the one they can probably make stick, thus the one that they're going after. Ah ha! The Smoking Gun! effect. Also, I'll mention that it's funny to say "full, independent, bipartisan investigation" when it's so clearly sponsored by one party... no, I know they mean to *make* that come about, but it's still kinda hedgy.

But anyway, I did it, I signed it, and I added comments. Because I know the comments are unlikely to ever be read, but merely put in the pile of "Yay" to this issue, I am sharing them with you guys.
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You know, for my love of gaming, I will be missing this. Conflict with GenCon.

I *heart* Freedom of Speech, and it'd be really cool to see some of the folks again -- need to check in with some people on a few issues. Alas.

Guess I'll just have to hit the BBT when I get my car back to see them. Because lord knows, you can't thwart my gaming streak.

Btw, I'm being insanely busy at work right now, I'm finally moving desks though (yayayayyayyaayayyaayay!), and the Southside Shitacular was fun with me running into a lot of ppl I haven't seen in a while. Including one guy who had a huge crush on me my early college years who has turned, well, very cute. *grin*

Still sleeping lousily though, but three day weekend should help with that. Tomorrow! Hair cut! Going to Punk band singalong with dirque and Neil! Next day is canoeing with Bonnie and Dustin and Craven! Day after that biking with mom and..... GETTING MY CAR BACK ON THE ROAD!

I hope my weekend lives up to my expectations!! :)

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You know, the realization has just occurred to me that the one "Reality Show" we should truly be having is the one that shows what goes on at the White House, a la C-Span. A democratic society needs to be shown exactly what does go on in their government.

Ok, no really, now I leave.


While editing some stuff in my profile, I noticed the following line:

Interests: 3: breathing, eating, sleeping. [Remove some]

Suddenly I thought I was in the Over The Edge universe.
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