July 10th, 2003


(no subject)

So, uh, tonight has been weird.

First of all, I've been sleeping really really really really badly due to the heat, so I'm pretty out of it to start with.

So, I finish laundry at Mom's, then rush home to meet up with mari, who then takes me, Bleys, cusm, and Geoff to the Barry Andrews show (of Shriekback fame). Very very very yummy, though I only got to stay for the first set before I had to get into work. I even cried at Faded Flowers, because that's really one of the songs I have considered a part of the "me" collection for soooo many years. It's a long story about what I associate that with, and one which I don't really need to get to here, but it's very poignant for me to start with, and he did it so incredibly well. Even though, well, pretty much the five of us were the audience (alas).

Then, during the break (and just before I ran off to work), he came out to the bar to chat with us (whoa), and Bleys mentions that he should go up to the Colony to hang out after the show. "Funny you should mention that," Barry says, "but we have no place to stay tonight."

So... Mari and Bleys are currently housing the absolutely phenomenal Barry Andrews. I am so sad I had to come into work tonight.

While walking to work (six blocks from the show, heh), I realized I did something fairly subconscious. See, my hair is just frizzing out now -- I have no idea why it suddenly turned wavy last year, but it's gotten a lot worse and now just looks like a bad 80's perm in this humidity. I have a hair appt on Saturday to do something about that, but in the meantime I found an old bandanna to pull my hair back into something that's somewhat reasonably kept. I also put on a vest over my t-shirt and jeans (all black, duh). But, see, while on that walk, I remembered that this is exactly how I used to dress all the time back when I first started listening to Shriekback back in '91.

I think I'm still on a huge nostalgia kick.

Between that and seeing eyebeams photos of LARP, I think I might find some old pictures lying around and scan them in next time I'm in Oakland.