June 27th, 2003


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I am off to the Ohio land of the Columbus for my annual routine of the gaming convention known as Origins. I will return Sunday night for Punk Karaoke, but will likely not be online until sometime Monday. And I'll not be at work until sometime Tuesday night, so I'll likely lose a lot of backlog reading of LJ. Sorry.

Ok, no I'm not.

Also, because I know that a lot of the questions that came in are from people already at Origins, I will not be answering them until I return. If you missed that, here's it again... you get to ask me any question, input into the field below, and then vote on the questions you'd like me to answer the most. I'll be answering the top 10 when I get back.

Ask me question:

Last but not least, click on the picture to the left to see the pictures from the local Arts Festival and the Sonic Youth concert.

Ok, bibi, have a good good weekend all! And everyone still in Pittsburgh should make sure pegritz gets one hell of a birthday weekend hangover. :)