June 19th, 2003


Yes, I'm this much of a geek.

So, I decided to do this interview meme thing. But I'm not doing it like normal, no. I wrote up a perl script backended by a MySQL database for this. Yes, I'm this much of a geek.

Here's the deal. I have a page set up (coming later), it has a list of questions already asked, and a text area for submitting new questions. You can vote on one of the previous questions by clicking on them, or enter a new question into the text area. It's really very simple. When you're done with the first question/vote, it will automatically bring it all back up so that you can do it again!

Now, I'm doing this on the honor system, so please don't abuse it all (if I find anything suspicious, I will look at logs of course). Yes, you can vote or ask as many times as you'd like, but it'd be nice if you didn't give your question 10,000 votes. Play nice, or I don't answer at all. :)

The page will not tell you how many votes a question has garnered. In a few days or a week (whenever I have time), I'll post the questions, how many votes they've gotten, and then answer the top 10 questions.

Ok, now that you've read the rules, here's the page for it:


Or, you can start by submitting a question:

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