June 9th, 2003



So, as eolh and I left my house last night, it was hot, muggy, and sunny. As we arrived at Kevin's 10 minutes later, the front started to come in, and his power went out. We rushed back to my house to close the windows, and by that point the full thunderstorm had hit us. When we got to Ryan's Pub half an hour after that, the power was completely out, but the storm was done.

We waited until 9:30pm for people to show up, but only got Ray and Christine. We headed over to the Waterfront's Pizzaria Uno's (after making several phone calls to see who was open and/or had power) to find the TGIF next door with a dozen fire trucks and guys crawling around on the roof (probably struck by lightning). After we left Uno's to go home, power was still evidently out in Squirrel Hill (though on in Dormont).

That was one hell of a storm, an hour of littering power outages all around the city.


It was good to have eolh around. I realize how anti-social I've been sometimes, but the problem is that so many of my friends are so involved with their SOs now, I just don't have very many people I can randomly go hang out with anymore. I've really always hated that aspect of Pittsburgh; the effect of people disappearing when they find a mate (even if temporary), and the older we get, the more that happens (as more are permanent).

I know all you Pgh are going to kill me for saying this, but this is definitely one of the things I miss about SF. At 30, we weren't old and settled, we were still young and hanging out and doing random things. Even those who were coupled made attempts at being social with others, because the social activities weren't all-night drunk parties or getting drunk. It was movies, games, bowling, or just going out to dinner, easily accomplished as units or sets, and mainstays the feeling of solitary age for us all.

Of course, the flipside to that was, we ended up doing that maybe once or twice a month; but that's better than not at all, which is where I'm getting to now. Only when a good friend has entered town once again do we make any attempt at it here.

Or perhaps it's just me being always so reclusive I don't know what's going on anymore. Who can know. Or maybe I'm just being depressed.