June 4th, 2003


I am a free woman.

All charges against me have been withdrawn. Woot!

In other news, I just saw an ad for "Time Out on Immigration", filled with inaccuracies, insubstantiated paranoia, and a host of other, well, lies. They encourage the viewing audience to contact Congress to have this time out put through. Let's start encouraging people in the other direction; immigration is the only way this country is growing (without immigration, the population is decreasing), it allows the sciences (including medicine) to continue being centralised here in the USA, and it's just plain the American Way to encourage immigration. I would like to let tolerance and friendliness continue to be our legacy, not fear and xenophobia. Thank you.

Oh yah, and other news of personal nature: my 24 hour flu ended in the prescribed 24 hours. I'm feeling much less like fainting everytime I stand up now. :)
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