June 3rd, 2003



Home, sick, but had good time in Chicago. Pictures can be found here. Right now they're labelled only by numbers, when I feel better I might change that.

Lowdown of weekend, in brief:

1) Got to Chicago, promptly lost cell phone at O'Hare.
2) Went on adventure, got new cell phone.
3) Checked into hotel, Ranju returned from Oncology convention a bit later.
4) Went to awful fast food meal with Ranju.
5) Declan, Ranju, and I walked around Chicago, visiting a department store and the Blues Festival on LakeShore.
6) Slept.
7) Got up, went on solo adventure finding the Sculptures in the city.
8) Detoured into the Art Institute to see the Himalaya Exhibit.
9) Feet hurt, went back to hotel.
10) Declan bought us all tickets for the Theatre performance of The Lion King two doors down at the Cadillac Theatre. Is a Broadway show on tour. Is very good, I highly recommend. The lady playing the monkey has an incredible voice. Plus, lots of hot shirtless men. Mmmm.
11) Slept.
12) Packed.
13) Escorted Ranju to University of Chicago and then to her Con. Read a lot of Greg Egan. I like Greg Egan, good stuff, thanks to eyebeams for recommendations.
14) Got call from lawyer while out, will discuss this some other time.
15) Went back to hotel just in time to get to the L to get back to O'Hare. Gave the Greg Egan book to Ranju for her flight back to Australia tomorrow.

All in all, good trip. Made me think of just going to random cities and exploring on my own, a thought I'd had before but with all the independent time I had on this one that thought was made solid.

Anyway, must sleep off this raging headache and sore throat.
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