May 23rd, 2003


3000 flags

I need to find someone to write a song titled "3000 flags". It sounds so punk rawk.

Anyway, that's how many flags we placed. There were six of us, but I was the youngest by far, so got to do a lot of the work. I didn't mind, the more I did, the less the guys who could barely walk had to do, so hey. Plus, I got exercise.

And boy howdy did I. Man, I hurt now. That's one big cemetary, and it's on a big hill.

But, it was fun. I got some ragging for why I was there, but since I was willing to do so much work without complaint, that passed quickly and remained in good jest. There was this awesome woman there running the show too, she was a powerhouse and kept everyone in line. I found much admiration for her.

Tomorrow, simpler task of tidying up the memorial sites. Monday I'm supposed to show up for the ceremonies I think. Will see. Tonight I go see Phat Man Dee, then sleep.