May 22nd, 2003


Public Transportation hearing.

Went down to the public transportation hearing today to give my speech. We were given only three minutes to give our spiels, so I decided to focus on the very personal. I know they have a lot of the statistics on their own hands, and I know a lot of people would speak to the issues of the bus system itself, so I realized telling stories from the Incline to show its service to the community would have a lot of impact. So, I focused on these, wrote up my speech (slog and vocis watched me do it), made some last minute changes to it while waiting my turn, then delivered it.

I think my speech only lasted a minute and a half, but seemed to have the impact I hoped for (yay my ability to be succinct!) as when I finished, the usually bored-looking panel said, "Well put!" and then asked for my hard copy as a statement. Yay!

Anyway, because I'm an exhibitionist and proud of this one, here's my speech:
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Must. Get. Out.

Wandi talked of all her plans for travel this year, I am so jealous. I might go up to Vancouver with her in November, though. Plus, she wants to hit Toronto at some point soon, and I still have CAD$80 laying around that is begging to be used.

Anyway, just looking through the old roadtrip pictures just now is really making me want to get out of town and hit the road for a long haul again. Alas, I have no time to do so.

But, at least I get to go to Chicago and see Ranju again in a week!

Yes, being confined to county for a couple months makes a gwen go mad Mad MAD!
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flag placing!

I finally got that arranged (as in I finally got contacted by the people in charge, yay). So, tomorrow and Saturday I go around and place flags, then participate in some sort of ceremony on Monday. I had to rearrange my work schedule so I wasn't a walking zomibe through this, heh.
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