May 19th, 2003


Hey Autumn!

Mari and I did Dead Man's Party tonight at Punk Karaoke, and brought down the house. Yah, I thought you'd appreciate that. :)


Everything is in sepia with mild coloring on top. Everyone is mixed race, indeterminate heritage, clothing is a cross between Western and Indian (not Native America, India). There's a distinct air of Post-Apocalypticism, but the setting is an airport made from the dreams of M. C. Escher. Start out on two guys, a pilot and a Flight Attendant. They're kissing, the camera pans back, the Flight Attendant pulls away and mentions that he's scared of being seen. Both look around, but no one has noticed. They depart for their flights.

Then the Flght Attendant comes out to a big room, black and white checker floors, glass everywhere. He is confronted by the police for some past minor infraction (I forget what that was now). He says, "At this point, this is where I ask to consult my lawyer." "Bad news buddy, you haven't voted in the past two elections. This means your residency registration has expired, you're no longer a citizen. This means you have no rights to a phone call or attorney."

His eyes widen a moment, then he spots the fire alarm. He kicks the officer near him, throws his briefcase at the other, and trips the alarm. Suddenly everyone is running around, he joins them. He darts up escalators, they can't keep up, then he slides down another to throw them off, then darts up a third. At this point he knows that he can fade into the crowd and get out, so he does.

At home in another spot of the ecodome, he calls in to work. There is even a standard procedure around tiffs with the law, they care not about it, but re-assign him for a different ecodome where he's not wanted, and make arrangements for him to be transported there the next day.

He is sad though, now he'll not see his boyfriend.
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