May 16th, 2003



Matrix Reloaded: I liked it, though have a couple of complaints.
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Also, when the trailer for T3 came up, I bounced. A lot. Damn, that looks like it's going to rock. Plus, ladyjestyr, you're right. He is cute. I'm so seeing The Italian Job. Besides, it has Edward Norton, yum, and the guy who played Tybalt from R&J. AND MOREOVER, The Last Samurai -- yes.

Guess I have a lot of movies to see this summer. I'm not doing so well at this MPAA boycott, izzylobo :(

For those of you still playing The Hollywood Stock Exchange, Good Omens (GOMEN) is at $9 and I just discovered that Johnny Depp and Robin Williams are cast to star in it. Yes, I'm maxed, or I'd be waiting to tell you about it. :)

For those who have no idea what in the hell I'm talking about, HSX is a web game where you buy and sell stock in movies and movie stars. I generally just do the movies because, well, I'm lazy and like to buy these things at a song early then wait for them to cash out later. Let's just say I'm *very* pleased with this summer's setup, since I've had stock in all of the XMENs, HULK, T3 and T4, all of the Star Wars, etc etc etc.... well, for about 2-3 years now. As a result, I'm doing fairly well in my portfolio. Whee!

Though, bryant can kiss my ass. You rich HSX bastard you.