May 8th, 2003


Ok, getting sick of sleeping.

I know I do this every semester break. I know it's a reaction to being under stress and constantly looking ahead to the next deadline just around the corner for months on end....

But man, I'm getting sick of sleeping. I gotta get the house clean, and I'm sleeping right through when I have time to do that!

Ah well, I'll just clean before Negativland on Friday and prolly not sleep Saturday in order to get it done.

Oh, and reminder to y'all:

Party Saturday. Even 40sw is coming.

argh, Negativland vs cleaning for party, party wins.

So, looking at the cleaning situation, I realized I need to stay home and get the house cleaned for the party saturday. It just has to be done. I got a lot of cleaning supplies at the grocery store this morning for it though!

40sw, this also means you can come anytime before 11:30pm, as I'll be home. :)
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