April 23rd, 2003



So I go to take my final now, and then I'll be trotting up the hill to the emergency room. My ear infection is back, and this is three times in as many weeks.
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So, the funny news from today.... my Cultural Anthropology professor is MOVING TO CANADA! Ok, he got a permanent position at a university in Southern Alberta, yay! But man, that cracks me up.

So, I passed my Assembly final. I dunno if I did better than that, but that's what I was aiming for. Yay!

Went to emergency room, got new and improved extra-heavy ear drops. While waiting for them to do stuff to me, I wrote up the outline for my paper... then after that went to labs and wrote the essay. Then went to turn it in, I think it was my strongest essay of the class too, yay!

Plans for this summer:

1) make it through court next week.
2) watch all the movies I've been putting off (.hack//Sign!)
3) Tai Chi.
4) finally get my voter's registration fixed so I can vote again. Also will be switching to Democratic party just so I can vote in the primaries.
5) Locate the local democratic party office and see if they'll let me volunteer.
6) Get all the computer stuff I've been putting off done (like, the 19823 servers I have just sitting around right now worked into the house network).

Now, the betting pool starts to see just how many of those I get done!
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