April 22nd, 2003


I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

I mean, this represents me in my congress.

Let me summarize: He's a compassionate conservative advocating family values, the article says. He thinks allowing sodomy in the home is against this principle, apparently equating allowing bigamy, adultery, and other things really only related in the world of Christianity. He thinks that the right to privacy does not exist in the US Constitution (which is how he thinks that these things should be outlawed), and then there's the last paragraph....

This wonderful leader of a healthy stable family TOOK HIS DEAD BABY HOME FOR HIS KIDS TO HOLD before burial.

Uhm, one of these things is not like the other..... PA voters, let's get this nutcase voted out please?
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So, ok, I got none of the homework I've meant to get done in the past two days, but I still have a few hours. No sweat.

On the other hand, I have a network finally reasonably set up in my home, and the house is clean. Well, ok, the third floor still is a wreck, but that's not important in this whole roommate exchange thing.

I also found a bag of like 20 CDs I forgot I had, heh, oops. Busy ripping them now too, yay! My mp3 collection grows, and is LEGAL, weirdly enough. Well, mostly, I do have some stuff slog and eolh has passed on to me, good stuff too.

But most of all... .BLESSED SLEEP. I've been sleeping like a baby the past two days, so good. I'll hate life going back on night schedule tomorrow, but hey, for now I'm all rested and stuff. I *heart* mini-vacations.

Ok, back to the grind. Yay!
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Well, because I'm reading about hunger in Bangladesh...

I didn't have the time to read about the latest RIAA's efforts at whittling away our rights, so didn't say anything to here. However, izzylobo did an excellent job of going through it and tearing it to pieces. He wants me to note that he's not a lawyer, but thinks the text is outstandingly clear. I'll go through it later myself, but I don't think I could have said it any better than Scott did.
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