April 6th, 2003



Dreamt that I was on some research dig with a geologist, while out looking at the rocks found rings, staves, weapons, and the like in the ground. I knew immediately they were stuff like Ring of Protection +2, Amulet of Archery +3. etc. Then we had to feed our Army and go on an adventure to find the Orcs.

Dammit, I'm too much of a gamer sometimes.
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Pictures from last night!

So, last night was a blast. I have a few pictures from the various events, but I'll put the representative photos in lj-cuts here.

First, we went to Project 1877, the home of our local IndyMedia offices:
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This is where Jeff and I met up with Wandi:
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And watched Anti-Flag (among other bands play):
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And watched the crowd dance around like punk kids have done since before I was their age (yes, the average age at these things is probably 17, making us old farts in the back literally twice their age offtimes). My camera picks up motion very easily, which can be really fun sometimes, but in this case, realize that the bits of blur in the middle is a crowd of kids running around in circles in a loose moshing way:
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I did get collided with at some point too... one of the kids decided to be a bull and rush the crowd, and I was tinkering with my camera and didn't notice him coming right at me. Pinned between kid and wall! That was funny. :)

The show itself was great, Anti-Flag took advantage of the smaller, very familiar, audience to make a log of jokes, mess around, and generally just have a good time. I did recognize about half the faces in the audience myself from the protests, too, though I'm not sure if they recognized me in goth getup. But! Wandi and I bopped around a lot with our own fun, so had a fantastic time. I must mention, too, that I really am happy to see that punk kids never change -- the goth scene has changed a lot in the past dozen years I've been involved with that, but the punks haven't changed a bit in the 15+ years I've known them. It's great. And I also love how much the punks and the goths do interact and get along in this city, yay!

Well, then we headed over to Ceremony, and discovered that there was a Fluxx Art Show going on by the entrance to our club:
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Which was cool, because Wandi and I ran into Dawn and Greg and got to hear about how their new baby is doing, and got them to promise to come out and hang out sometime!

Then it was into good old Ceremony for dancing and drunkeness. Though, there was a bit of a different vibe going on, the Fluxx people were given free entrance, so spilled in and then wondered about us goths while we wondered about them. Also, that made it very crowded with a bunch of people we weren't used to seeing there (a lot of our regular group were in Cleveleand for Kompressor), so hey. But it was fun nonetheless, and I got to see dirque:
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